Is It Time to Go beyond Incremental Innovation in Our Monetary System? Live sessie van het Disruptive Innovation Festival met Stef Kuypers

In light of the question: 'how do we steer this society in another direction?' People have explored a number of possibilities, but this session will argue that it is time to turn attention towards the perceived engine of the ship, namely the monetary system. Because, admit it, if we could have a couple of billion dollars available, creating change would become quite a bit easier! However, collecting a couple of billion dollars might take too much time and might require some unethical things to get there quickly, this session will argue for the next best thing: replacing the engine with a better one. Our current engine is leaking and using too much fuel anyway, and it has a tendency to negatively interfere with the steering system too. Join Stef to discuss constructing a new engine that will make it easier to stay on a constructive course.

He'll start with explaining the destructive effects of the dominant monetary system that exists today, followed by the setup of a new one that can steer the ship of society in a more successful direction for all passengers on board.

Over Stef Kuypers - Stand-Up Entrepreneur

Stef has a wide range of interests exploring the worlds of IT, creative thinking, improv, theater, sociology, leadership and systems thinking.

One of the subjects he is currently working on is monetary systems and how they influence our behaviour and society. This journey started about 3 years ago when he started wondering why it seems to be so hard to solve our climate change problem. We know what needs to be done but everyone is dragging their feet. Eventually he arrived at money and more specifically the way its design is hampering progress where it matters.

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